The Anxiety Heroic Figure Within

There's an art and science to overcoming anxiety.  Today, I'd like to focus more on the art.  Generally speaking, chronic anxiety and depression sufferers are highly creative people.  Creativity is a gift, but if often comes with a price. The more creative we are, the more imaginative things we conjure up during difficult times.  Think about all the things we conjured up as children.  We still have our imaginative ways.  Instead of a monster under the bed, it might be a fear of being rejected, or anxiety about getting sick, or worrying about our jobs and relations.  Or the feelings of panic associated with an event or thought.  It can even be the thoughts behind our depression.  Although we use our creativity and imagination to scare ourselves, there's another thing we can do with this talent: We can release the anxiety hero or heroine within.  Instead of telling ourselves the "I'm doomed" story, we can tell ourselves the more optimistic, "I am in the process of overcoming my fears" story.  Which one would you want to tell yourself?  

A good narrative gives us the strength, meaning and motivation to face our fears.  The heroic self is always available.  It's right here, deep inside.  This heroic self is always available if we are willing to listen.  We might want to call this part of us, the 'adult self,' or the 'higher self,' or the 'wisdom inside,' or the 'wiser self.'  I like to call it the 'heroic self.'  "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."  We can start by identifying heroic figures as role models.  You can find these role models in your family, your friends, history, or fictional stories.  Attributing meaning to our experience, enriches the healing journey and brings motivation a dispirited heart.  We might even find people or things that offer a lit of guidance.  Just as Merlin is the guru for King Arthur, and just as the Fairy Godmother is Cinderella's guide, who is the wise sage in your story.  In every day life, the sage can often come in the form of a therapist, family member, good friend/role model, or mentor.  The sage can even be an object that represents guidance: like a book, a sports team, or an inspirational piece of jewelry.  

Who is the wise figure in your story?

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